Folklore DIY Embroidered Floral Clutch

Folklore DIY Floral Clutch

Be patient when creating this clutch, cause it’s not easy-to-make but you’ll get an adorable accessory in the end! You will need 7 mesh black plastic canvas (2 sheets), plastic canvas needle, silky soft & folklore yarn (black, pink, red, and green), crochet hook, felt, magnetic purse closure and hot glue gun. To create the clutch form, you will need to cut the plastic canvas into six pieces two 9″ x 6″ (the front and back pieces), one 9″ x 4″ (the flap), one 9″ x 1″ (bottom), and two 6″ x 1″ (the sides). Cover the pieces with a basketweave stitch pattern. Look here for next steps of the tutorial.

Source: blog.darice