The Ultimate Guide To Women Workout Outfits: 87 Ideas

ultimate guide women workout outfits

Motivation and discipline are the most important things to achieve success working out. Although what you wear is also quite important. Just so you know, dressing up to the gym could even become as fun and interesting as dressing up to go out on the weekend. Although you need the right clothing that isn’t only stylish but also practical. The right workout clothes can wick away sweat, help you to see your movements clearly and even protect your sensitive skin.

First of all you need to know what exercise clothing you need to buy. Activewear market has exploded in the past years with countless workout brands. Even fashion retailers has expanded or even created new activewear lineups. Needless to stay not all these lineups are equally useful and good. First things we recommend you to consider are:

  1. Sports bras to support your topside.
  2. T-shirts that don’t show sweat and don’t stain easily.
  3. Durable shorts and pants made of a natural breathable fabric
  4. Shoes that are comfy and designed to avoid injury.

In order to look good in this activewear you need to consider your body shape. They are usually separated into:

  1. Pear Shapes – when your hips are bigger than your top. In this case you might want to focus you r attention on your top. Light colors on top and flared pants to balance and lengthened your shape are our recommendation. Besides, don’t wear bottoms with stripes as it makes your hips seem bigger.
  2. Rectangle Shapes – when you have balanced hips and top but your waist isn’t very small. We recommend to use several colors in your clothing and create an illusion of curves. A sports bra and a top tank with a low neckline would be great.
  3. Apple Shapes – when you have a larger midsection. A loose top and fitted tights would do magic with your look if you avoid a monotone look.
  4. Hourglass shapes – when you have a well-balanced top and bottom with a smaller waist. In this case you can wear pretty much anything. Although avoid anything that hide things up like loose clothing or high necks.

Women Workout Outfits for Different Sport Activities

Here we’ve gathered for you a large collection of awesome ideas showing how well you can be dressed up for different sport activities.

When you’re doing yoga, the only thing you need to focus at that moment is yoga actually so you need to make sure that the clothes you’re wearing are comfy. Don’t forget about a headband!

Those of you who hate running, but knowing all of its advantages might want to choose a stylish outfit to make the process a bit more pleasant.

Here are some universal and timeless ideas for different kinds of workouts.

If you’re more into meeting with new people than sport itself here are some ideas to make you look more cool and sexy.

By the way, your hairstyle is also quite important during workouts. Your hair is the last thing you want to worry about during your sport activities so we have some ideas thet are super-wearable and gym-friendly. Most of them you can do by yourself.