Boho-Inspired DIY Hair Chain

Boho Inspired DIY Hair Chain

We love hair accessories, and hope that you like them too! So today we’ll help you to look more chic with this hair chain. You will need 3-4 pieces of chain or rhinestones (each 1ft), jump rings, hair combs, jewelry pliers and chain cutter. First, cut chain and lay down how you would like it to look in your hair. Next attach each piece of chain to your comb with the jump rings. Start with your shortest chain at the top of the comb. Attach second piece of chain in the middle of the comb. Then attach third piece to the bottom of the comb. Insert one comb on each side of your head, teeth facing down. Now you have a very fashionable accessory!

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Boho Inspired DIY Hair Chain
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Boho Inspired DIY Hair Chain
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Stylish DIY Hair Chain
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