15 Ways To Style A Lacquered Trench This Fall

ways to style a lacquered trench this fall

If you are a fashion-forward girl who isn’t afraid to experiment, this trend is right what you need to try – these are lacquered trenches and coats! This is a very bold idea, whatever color you choose, and rocking it should be done carefully, take a look at our ideas!

As for colors, you’ll often some fall-inspired shades like deep red, burgundy, purple, greens, greys, blues and shades of rust and yellow. Take something that will stand out and will show the texture of the leather to advantage.

a monochromatic look with a purple lacquer leather trench and a matching purple bag plus black shoes with white feathers
a purple and a red lacquer leather trench are super bold options to make a statement this fall
a rust colroed lacquered leather trench and matching cropped pants, a white shirt and nude heels
a simple look of a black turtleneck, blue jeans and black heels is elevated with a red lacquered trench
a striped top with long sleeves, grey checked pants, white sneakers, a red lacquered coat, a black bag

a striped top with long sleeves, grey checked pants, white sneakers, a red lacquered coat, a black bag

a white sweater, blue cropped jeans, brown suede booties, a rust colored lacquered leather trench
a white tee, a black leather skirt, white booties and black socks plus a rust colored lacquered trench
a white tee, blue cuffed jeans, yellow strappy shoes and a purple lacquer leather trench of midi length as a statement

What to pair your lacquered coat or trench with? Keep in mind that your coat is extremely bold and is shines, so your clothes underneath should be calmer. Rock jeans or wideleg pants, a simple tee or a turtleneck, add heels or neutral sneakers and make a super bold statement with your amazing lacquered trench!

a white turtleneck, blakc wideleg cropped pants, white boots and a red lacquered leather trench for the fall
an amber lacquere straight leather trench, black ripped jeans, a mustard turtleneck and white boots
blue jeans with a raw hem, a burgundy lacquered leather trench, silver booties and a matching round bag
blue jeans with a raw hem, a red lacquered leather coat, red and black mules and a small black bag
blue jeans with a raw hem, a white turtleneck, metallic red shoes and a red lacquer trench for a bit of edge
grey cropped jeans, a black hoodie with red letters, black and red boots, a fuchsia lacquered leather trench
grey jeans with a raw hem, a grey hoodie, emerald booties and a black lacquer midi trench for the fall