15 Double Nose Piercing Ideas That Wow

double nose piercing ideas that excite cover

We continue the series dedicated to piercing and today’s roundup is all about nose piercings again but these are double piercings! Double nose piercing is a very popular idea that allows you accenting your nose – and your face – even more. Take a look at some ideas we’ve prepared and enjoy!

Symmetrical Nose Piercing

You may often see symmetrical nose piercing – it’s a very popular idea. If you go for symmetrical studs, they will add a bling to your face. You can also prefer hoops to make the nose bolder or even use a stud and a hoop, which will give trendy asymmetry to your look.

Asymmetrical Nose Piercing

Asymmetrical nose piercing ideas are endless! Go for a piercing in the nostril and a septum one, asymmetrical nostril piercings and much more, anything that comes to your mind! Use different studs and hoops to highlight the asymmetry.